Friday, April 17, 2009

Joe and Sparky sighting

Boni Ashburn, author of Hush, Little Dragon, recommends Joe and Sparky Get New Wheels in her list of New and Notable children's books. Wowza. Thank you, Boni Ashburn!

Check out her other picks, especially the "Wicked Humor, Delightfully Dark (just the way I like it)" picture books!


  1. You're welcome, Jamie Michalak :) I really enjoyed Joe and Sparky. Please say there's another one in the works!

  2. Thanks! Yes, there is another one in the works. Joe and Sparky, Superstars! pubs in 2011. It turns out that Joe and Sparky are SUPER talented. Who knew?

    Love your list of books--so many of my favorites are on there. Can't wait to check out the others!

  3. 2011, huh? Sigh. Just when I wonder if this business can get any slower... Ah well, at least it will be worth the wait :)

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