Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A NEW Joe and Sparky Adventure

JOE AND SPARKY GO TO SCHOOL (Candlewick Press, June 2013)

Yippee! Look who's headed your way this June!

Joe and Sparky take an unintended field trip to school in their third adventure. When they get there, they discover that there’s a lot to learn, like that the restroom is full of little magic "ponds," that you’re supposed to count the peas in math, not eat them, and that the goal of the day seems to be to get a star.

I'm ecstatic about this book because 1. Frank Remkiwicz's illustrations are snort-milk-out-of-your-nose HILARIOUS; 2. This story was inspired by all the amazing students I've met at school visits; and 3. Joe and Sparky encounter a bathroom for the first time, a scene that my sons have been asking me to write since they could talk. (You know you have the best editor ever when she asks you to expand the bathroom scene.)

JOE AND SPARKY GET NEW WHEELS in the Candlewick Press Spring 2013 catalog

You can pre-order a copy at, your local independent bookstore, or anywhere books are sold.

Stay tunes for a giveaway, fun activities, and more details . . .

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